Welcome to Fabricastl.

If you believe in the creative empowerment and future-transforming power of 3D printing, then you are in the right place. Fabricastl is building an environment that will further the promise of 3D printing while enabling you to connect with other additive manufacturing enthusiasts in meaningful and sometimes profitable ways...

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Is Fabricastl for you?

At Fabricastl, we believe that end-users of 3D printing technology--not middlemen or big companies--should drive innovation and sophisticated growth. To become part of an exciting new community designed to drive creative, material, and financial benefits for members, please take time to read about our company, and use the "Join Our Network" form to pre-register...

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Thought leadership in 3D printing.

Fabricastl is more than just a platform and a service--it is a philosophy-driven entity with a deep commitment to playing a positive role in furthering the 3D printing industry. For user-driven thought leadership and smart commentary about news, technology, and the state of the industry, check out the Fabricastl blog.

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To truly harness the power of 3D printing a new type of marketplace is required one that the world has never seen.
Fabricastl provides a safe, productive environment for makers and innovators to connect.