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Youth Education

Fabricastl is passionate about providing young people who are interested in 3D printing with hands-on access to resources. In group settings (such as school classrooms and Maker Faire-type events geared toward young enthusiasts), we provide demonstrations and education about the technology. We have also consulted to individual students looking to complete science or technology course projects related to 3D printing, and helped homeschool students and hobbyists in pursuing independent 3D printing studies.

We are proud of the role we have played in helping early learners design and execute their first prints. In our experience, younger students are the easiest to teach–their ability to quickly and intuitively grasp the use of CAD design tools and comprehend the interplay between design and print has led to phenomenal results!

To learn more about our youth education services, including having Fabricastl come into your classroom for student demonstrations, please contact Brian at brian@fabricastl.com.