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Read Fabricastl Founder Brian Palacios’ Expert Corner Article on Big Think

Jimmy Carter is a Big Think Expert. Tim Ferris is a Big Think Expert. And now Fabricastl founder Brian Palacios is a Big Think expert, too. Do you want to hear his thoughts on how to make money with 3D Printing? We can’t reprint it here, but head on over to Big Think to read his (straightforwardly-titled) article, “How You Can Profit from 3D Printing”. Leave a comment or two on the Big Think page to let us know what you think!

Major Companies Notice, Adjust Business Models to Accommodate Printing, Open Source, and the Maker Movement (It’s About Time)

If any company should know a little something about making way for disruptive technology, it’s IBM.  So, it’s only fitting that Paul Brody, global industry leader for electronics at IBM, recently remarked that 3D printing, open source electronics, and intelligent robotics, are having a disruptive impact on the manufacturing industry. With 3D printing “achieving levels of performance required to be production-ready,”  he admitted what we already know: that costs are already competitive, and that the open source aspect poises the industry for even more explosive growth.   His advice? “Accept..

How to Explain to Your Best Friend (And Your Mom) Why 3D Printing Is So Important

Harvard Business Review has written an article about 3D printing, one straightforwardly titled “3-D Printing Will Save the World.”  To those familiar with the industry, and savvy to the technology, the article adds little to the discussion.  But that doesn’t mean we don’t love it.   First things first: it’s another important milestone on the long road of 3D printing press attention.  Seeing an HBR headline filled us with the same sense of thrill and knowledge for what’s to come as we felt when we saw early articles in The..

Should You Invest In 3D Printing Stock? (Hint: Yes)

Why settle for a paltry 10% return on an oil and gas stock when you could earn north of 50% by putting your money on 3D printing?  Motley Fool writer Robert Zimmerman boldly asserts that additive manufacturing stock is poised to “smoke” oil and gas profits, and we kind of agree.   Aptly pointing out additive manufacturing heavy-hitter 3D Systems’ eye-popping year-over-year results (revenues were up 57%; gross profits were up 69%; diluted EPS rose a whopping 78%), Zimmerman makes a strong case for the viability of the industry.  A..

U.S. Department of Energy Backs 3-D Printing: What it Means for Current Industry Players and Longtime Believers

Flashy, new additive manufacturing articles on the D.O.E. web site + the only State of the Union in years to tangibly address manufacturing competitiveness = a very, very good sign for 3-D printing.  Lip service is one thing–but $30 million in federal funding and $40 million in matching contributions from a consortium of industry, academic, and non-profit players is another.  This new partnership–the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute (NAMII)–will indisputably play into the future of manufacturing in the U.S.   For those unfamiliar with additive manufacturing, the announcement serves to..

3D Printers – Openness at the Core

Lately there has been discussion about furthering open development for the 3D Printing industry.  Fabricastl supports open development and adds the following point to the debate:   3D printing has at its core a unique element of openness. Accordingly, open development is the prime way to harness the technology. It is an iterative concept. The unique element of openness is the flexibility.  There is a major constraint 3D Printing removes and thereby opens up humankind’s means of fabrication – the need for customized fabrication equipment.  It is one device to..

Mainstream Manufacturing = Not The Future of 3D Printing.

Mainstream manufacturing is not the future of 3D printing.  It’s a way station to the real destination: consumers.  Just as web surfing made way for blogging, and television made way for YouTube, so also will the additive manufacturing industry make creators out of us all. That’s right.  Combine technological improvements (e.g., design software, equipment capabilities, materials science) with public discovery, and the inevitable result is creation.  We believe the mainstreaming of additive manufacturing will surpass the Internet in its ability to release the intense creative power latent within the common..