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Stratasys Acquires MakerBot: What it Really Means

In another huge, highly significant development in 3D printing M&A, it has been announced that commercial-grade printer-maker Stratasys will acquire consumer-grade manufacturer, MakerBot.  Following Stratasys’ merger with Objet, the transaction will mark the second major industry consolidation maneuver by the former in less than a year. The acquisition is a sure sign not only that early mover MakerBot is all grown up, but that the very industry itself, is entering adolescence.  Though an infant in the eyes of the masses, the additive manufacturing industry is more than 20 years old,..

Major Companies Notice, Adjust Business Models to Accommodate Printing, Open Source, and the Maker Movement (It’s About Time)

If any company should know a little something about making way for disruptive technology, it’s IBM.  So, it’s only fitting that Paul Brody, global industry leader for electronics at IBM, recently remarked that 3D printing, open source electronics, and intelligent robotics, are having a disruptive impact on the manufacturing industry. With 3D printing “achieving levels of performance required to be production-ready,”  he admitted what we already know: that costs are already competitive, and that the open source aspect poises the industry for even more explosive growth.   His advice? “Accept..

Should You Invest In 3D Printing Stock? (Hint: Yes)

Why settle for a paltry 10% return on an oil and gas stock when you could earn north of 50% by putting your money on 3D printing?  Motley Fool writer Robert Zimmerman boldly asserts that additive manufacturing stock is poised to “smoke” oil and gas profits, and we kind of agree.   Aptly pointing out additive manufacturing heavy-hitter 3D Systems’ eye-popping year-over-year results (revenues were up 57%; gross profits were up 69%; diluted EPS rose a whopping 78%), Zimmerman makes a strong case for the viability of the industry.  A..

Stratasys + Objet = (you have to read to find out)

We’ve already commented on industry consolidation in general.  So, what do we think of the Stratasys/Objet merger?  First we’ll list the (publicly-available) particulars of the deal; then we’ll tell you what we think. The Deal Stratasys Inc. (a Minnesota-based 3D printer manufacturer) and Objet Ltd. (an Israel-based company in the same line of business) will merge to become Stratasys Ltd. Objet CEO David Reis will become CEO of Stratasys Ltd. Stratasys Inc. CEO Scott Crump will become Stratasys Ltd. chairman Transaction close date: Q3 2012 Estimated post-merger value: $1.4B Major..

3D Printing Industry Consolidation: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

With consolidation talk (justifiably) dominating the industry water cooler, it’s worth considering a thing or two.  How relevant will freshly-announced M&A deals be, and what will happen next? The acquisition of Paramount by 3D Systems was announced this week; the Stratasys/Object merger was announced just a few days ago; these are merely the latest among dozens of M&A deals that have been rolling in since 2009.  Could the unthinkable be happening?  Could additive manufacturing be closer to the mainstream than we think? The answer is a solid maybe.  After all,..