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Read Fabricastl Founder Brian Palacios’ Expert Corner Article on Big Think

Jimmy Carter is a Big Think Expert. Tim Ferris is a Big Think Expert. And now Fabricastl founder Brian Palacios is a Big Think expert, too. Do you want to hear his thoughts on how to make money with 3D Printing? We can’t reprint it here, but head on over to Big Think to read his (straightforwardly-titled) article, “How You Can Profit from 3D Printing”. Leave a comment or two on the Big Think page to let us know what you think!

The Mechanical Lock Has Fallen

3D printing is the first tile to set off an innovation domino effect. Beyond immediate disruptions to manufacturing, 3D printing leads to innovation that downplays craftsmanship and emphasizes design. Take padlocks. When MIT students released a program to 3D print counterfeit keys to high-security locks, the executives at Schlage probably didn’t think of it as innovation. Lock pickers everywhere did, but 3D printing keys is not the final domino. “Craftsmanship has been democratized” is a recent quote from 3D Systems CEO, Avi Reichental. The security of mechanical locks relies entirely..

The 3D Printed Bone-Setting Cast: Why Nearly Everyone’s Got the Story Wrong

By now, you’ve surely seen coverage of the Cortex Cast, a futuristic-looking plaster alternative designed to make kids who fall out of trees and the cast of “Jackass” look cool when it’s time to set a broken bone. This cast shows everything that any 3D printing innovation should, primarily that it is better than the legacy solution: its superior design could make the “bulk, weight, and suffocation from ordinary plaster casts” a thing of the past; its honeycomb design more accurately mimics the structure of natural bone tissue; and each..

Windows 8.1 Supporting 3D Printing = A Sign That This Thing Really Is Going Mainstream

Let all remaining skepticism about the mainstream viability of 3D printing slink quietly, and ashamed of itself, through the back door.  When a company like Microsoft announces that plug-and-play 3D printing support will be available in its next version of Windows (version 8.1, which will be released in August), it’s a pretty good indicator that the technology in question is here to stay. But, Microsoft isn’t expected to stop at making it easy to print using the Windows platform.  Speculation that Microsoft may release its own printer, or may at..

Stratasys Acquires MakerBot: What it Really Means

In another huge, highly significant development in 3D printing M&A, it has been announced that commercial-grade printer-maker Stratasys will acquire consumer-grade manufacturer, MakerBot.  Following Stratasys’ merger with Objet, the transaction will mark the second major industry consolidation maneuver by the former in less than a year. The acquisition is a sure sign not only that early mover MakerBot is all grown up, but that the very industry itself, is entering adolescence.  Though an infant in the eyes of the masses, the additive manufacturing industry is more than 20 years old,..