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Launching a 3D printer into space just makes sense, right?  Instead of catapulting an inventory of replacement parts into the cosmos, it seems better to ship raw material up there and 3D print whatever is needed.  Not only that—rocketing objects into space is expensive, and extreme vibration carries the risk of major damage.  Enter Made in Space: the company that intends to pioneer additive manufacturing in space. And what better partner could a 3D printing service prospecting the final frontier find than NASA?  When we caught up with Made in..

The Mechanical Lock Has Fallen

3D printing is the first tile to set off an innovation domino effect. Beyond immediate disruptions to manufacturing, 3D printing leads to innovation that downplays craftsmanship and emphasizes design. Take padlocks. When MIT students released a program to 3D print counterfeit keys to high-security locks, the executives at Schlage probably didn’t think of it as innovation. Lock pickers everywhere did, but 3D printing keys is not the final domino. “Craftsmanship has been democratized” is a recent quote from 3D Systems CEO, Avi Reichental. The security of mechanical locks relies entirely..