3D Printing. By the People. For the People.


In the future, we will program our physical reality. To bring concepts into reality will be effortless, intuitive and instantaneous. Creativity will rule and ideas will be the currency that matters. At Fabricastl, we believe this vision will be made possible by 3D printing.

A central goal of Fabricastl is to accelerate the adoption of 3D printing to manifest this future state now. As enthusiasm for the technology increases, leadership must guide the practical steps needed to begin building the 3D printing future. Adoption also relies on the nurturing of creativity, connection and collaboration—for without these, 3D printing is just another tool.

Fabricastl provides deep understanding of the real advantages of 3D printing, fosters creativity and critical thinking about them and then guides this towards material outcomes.

Fabricastl also provides a unique environment for makers and innovators to connect. Knowledge sharing and mentoring is encouraged. Collaboration on large 3D printing projects occurs organically in this environment.

Fabricastl is poised to change the world with 3D printing. Join us.