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How does Fabricastl work?

Sellers pay a small monthly fee to maintain an online profile that advertises their 3D design, printing, or consulting services.   These sophisticated profiles provide granular detail on seller capabilities, from design suite expertise, to available printer types and production media, to turnaround times and printer capacity.  Sellers can either wait to be found by buyers who contact them directly with an inquiry about a desired job.  Alternatively, sellers are invited to bid for jobs that buyers have opened to qualified providers.

Buyers wishing to hire designers, printers, or consultants can either post a job and open the listing for bidding, or they can enter search criteria to actively find and directly contact desirable providers.  Buyers evaluate sellers based not only on seller-created profiles but also based on ratings and reviews from previous clients who were matched with the seller via Fabricastl.

Both parties agree to the community rules and the Fabricastl code of conduct as a prerequisite of participating in the matchmaking process.  All participants are expected to act in the spirit of, and will receive Fabricastl’s full support in, fostering a fair, transparent, accountable market place.

Community members who are not actively buying or selling are invited to leverage Fabricastl as a leading 3D printing industry resource, lending ideas to blog and forum discussions that will be hubs of thought leadership for the 3D printing space.