3D Printing. By the People. For the People.

The Fabricastl Difference

Fabricastl is far more than just a platform or a service—it is a philosophy-driven entity with a deep commitment to playing a positive role in furthering the 3D printing industry. Fabricastl will be a leader in its core space through its commitment to the following values:

» Creating space for everyone/everyday people/hobbyists and other underutilized participants to become more involved in the 3D printing space

» Advancing additive manufacturing towards the ultimate vision of ubiquitous 3D printing technology, capable of fabricating any type of physical good (like the Star Trek replicator) and programming physical reality

» Connecting the maker subculture

» Helping consumers join the revolution of designing/making and having their ideas/designs printed

» Fostering user-driven thought leadership for the future of 3D printing and commitment to expanding knowledge of additive manufacturing technologies

» Helping to guide 3D printing toward eco-sustainability