3D Printing. By the People. For the People.

What is Fabricastl?

Fabricastl is a multi-faceted community that empowers its members to manifest creative ideas within the 3D printing space. Offering a variety of mechanisms to discover and employ the state of the art of 3D printing, we provide members with tools to turn ideas into reality.

Cultivate knowledge.  Cultivate knowledge. In person workshops covering entry-level and advanced topics are a fun mixture of learning, making, community building and self-discovery. Online resources are also available to address a broader set of topics. In addition to original content developed by our Center of Expertise, a majority of the content will be generated by industry experts, specifically curated for Fabricastl members.  Experience a Fabricastl workshop

Engage deep expertise. For those ready to take the next steps in realizing their 3D printing ambitions, Fabricastl offers advisory services. Our experience in 3D printing product development, creating or improving businesses, and driving high-level strategy makes us a valuable partner in taking your endeavor to the next level.  Learn more about Fabricastl Consulting.

Meet your global and local community. Fabricastl is a meeting place for inventors, artists, business professionals, 3D printing experts and industry enthusiasts. We enhance conversations among innovators around the world while making it easy to find and connect with members who live and work near you. Ideas and knowledge are shared. Novices work alongside experts. Groups form to create amazing things together.  Join the Community

Buy, sell and barter services.  To help members achieve their creative goals, Fabricastl offers a wide network of 3D printing vendors. Comprehensive fabrication services are offered by a network of printer owners within the community, with nearly every type of material, technology and service level represented. Designers and CAD experts lend their talents and unique flavors as service providers, as well.  Become a vendor