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Who Uses Fabricastl?

Whether you are an individual, a corporation, or an institution with a connection to 3D printing, you have a role to play in the Fabricastl community.

» Anyone curious about 3D printing

» Novice and experienced inventors using 3D printing for product development

» Entrepreneurs starting new businesses based on 3D printing

» Artists ready to expand to a new medium

» Executives surveying what opportunities 3D printing may bring to their business

» 3D printer owners or service bureaus ready to sell spare capacity

» CAD designers who can turn concepts into *.stl files and are ready to share or market their skills

» 3D printing enthusiasts eager to evangelize the technology

» Those seeking talent for large-scale and structured additive manufacturing engagements

» Consultants and industry researchers looking for a resource for finding sophisticated thought leadership, benchmarking, and commentary related to the 3D space.


How do they use it?

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