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Reviews and Testimonials

How do our workshop alumni and clients feel about Fabricastl? When we asked them to review their experience with us, here is how we rated on a scale of 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest):

3D Printing Technology Overview
The presentation of material was easy to understand: 4.8
The presentation of material was engaging and fun: 4.5
I feel I can now speak confidently about 3D printing: 4.1

Model Capture Overview
The presentation of material was easy to understand: 4.5
My confidence in using CAD tools prior to this module: 2.5
My confidence in using CAD tools after this module: 3.7

Guided Making Sessions
It was easy to follow along and customize the object we made: 4.8
The object we made was a cool object to customize: 3.9
My confidence level in using CAD after this module: 4.0

Overall Satisfaction with Fabricastl
Did the workshop fall below, meet, or exceed expectations? 50% Exceeded, 50% Met, 0% Did Not Meet
I would come to another workshop delivered by Fabricastl: 100% said Yes
I plan to get connected to the Fabricastl community: 91% said Yes

Beyond our quantified survey, here is some of what our students and clients had to say about Fabricastl:

“Brian knows his topic very well. He showed up with lots of information. Great that he brought his machine so we could see the process. Great info from Chris also–I’ll give him a call the next time I stop by in Paso Robles.”
–11/23/13 double workshop attendee

“Really well presented and easy to understand. Brian is knowledgeable and passionate about 3D printing. I look forward to learning more.”
–7/25/13 double workshop attendee

“Awesome first step into the world of 3D printing. I left prepared for the next step. One suggestion: vegan options would be nice when offering food.”
–7/25/13 CAD workshop attendee