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Brian Palacios

Praefectus Fabrum
Employee Number One

Education: Tufts University (B.S. Electrical Engineering), University of Chicago Booth School of Business (MBA, General Management & Entrepreneurship)
Corporate Experience: Cisco Systems, Lucent Technologies, Ascend Communications
a.k.a. 3D Printing Expert, Tech Junkie, Scotch Drinker, Free Marketeer, Macroeconomist, Speed Demon, Spiritualist, Chess Player
Known for his fresh ideas and incisive strategies, Brian plans to change his middle name from “John” to “Innovation” in 2014. Sheer passion to unlock the potential of the 3D printing space drove him to found Fabricastl in 2011. Experience in the Data Networking, Computer, Retail, Energy, Fashion, Sustainability, Manufacturing industries built the foundation for both his creative style and his thought leadership. Brian got his chops as an engineer, a financier, an entrepreneur, a salesman, a program manager and a consultant at some of the finest educational institutions and companies in the world.

Kim Webb Palacios

Senior Vice President of Marketing
Employee Number Two

Education: New York University (B.A. Globalization), University of Chicago Booth School of Business (MBA, Finance, Strategy & Entrepreneurship; Robert W. Fogel Distinguished Fellow)
Corporate Experience: PG&E, Boston Consulting Group, Capmark Finance, Luxe Virtual Media
a.k.a. NPR Addict, Studying Sommelier, Writer, Cinephile
Kim has focused her 10-year career on industries experiencing seismic change. From serving as an executive at the largest non-bank commercial real estate lender during the 2008 crash, to working in leadership for a progressive energy utility years before renewable energy was cool, to her entertainment industry work in the late 1990s when content piracy decimated the sector, Kim has led organizations through some of their most challenging (and exciting) times.

Kim’s passion for marketing dates back to her first company, Webb Design Inc., which she founded in 2000 and ran until 2003. In 2009, she founded Luxe Virtual Media, a full service marketing agency with deep expertise in online marketing. At present, Kim enjoys supporting clients by developing progressive strategies and indulging her inner quant-jock via the sophisticated interpretation of emerging data types.


Scott Richter

Co-founder & CTO
Education: Tufts University (B.S. Economics)
Corporate Experience: IHS, Inc., CVS Pharmacy, SynXis, John Hancock Financial Services, Staples
a.k.a. fly fisherman, woodworker, off-road junkie and chef
Scott has focused his career in IT where he has excelled at creating the cutting edge technology groups that underpin a company’s most critical business operations. Most recently he drove the creation of an IT Management Consulting practice for IHS in Denver where he and his worldwide team provided critical strategic and operational consulting expertise to some of the world’s largest companies, governments, and public organizations. His career has taken him all over the world to work in places such as Paris, London, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and 42 of the 50 US states. His passion for creating is now turned to Fabricastl!