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NEW! 3D Printing Investing and Entrepreneurship

The hype says 3D printing is about to explode. Every day now the media posts about multiple cool new 3D printing applications, machines, or startups. Wohlers Report shows annual growth rates nearing 30% for the industry. But do you know where to invest your time, energy or money to cash in on the boom?

As with any major industry expansion, early movers will reap the most benefits. Even though the media has exulted 3D printing, it is still not very clear how to get in on the action. The truth is that 3D printing (also known as additive manufacturing) has been around for more than 20+ years and the industry has already become complex. And it is changing at a blistering pace. Anyone who is just now beginning to navigate the opportunity risks missing the boat.

Fabricastl can help. Most neophytes spin their wheels, fascinated by the technology and caught up in the new developments and hype. This workshop cuts through all of that and goes directly to what are the real opportunities that people are benefiting from today and setting up for tomorrow.

Topic Areas include:
- Breakdown of the industry and identification of the major players
- Other industries indirectly related to 3D printing that will also benefit from the boom
- Discovery of the various frontiers in the technology as they relate to future business opportunities
- Review of industry analogues as a means to predict 3D printings future
- Success stories where businesses and individuals have gained traction


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