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3D Printing Technology and Industry Overview Workshop

A lighter version of the full-day workshop “From Napkin Sketch to Printable Design: An Intro to 3D Printing,” this session is for those wishing to attend only the portion which reviews 3D printing technologies and which provides an overview of the 3D printing industry. The technology overview will cover commercial and consumer-grade methods and approaches to 3D printing, including additive and subtractive manufacturing. Adding color to a discussion of the technologies themselves will be commentary on key players (e.g., printer makers, service bureaus, other suppliers, etc.) and how their role is shaping the industry. Finally, the role of consumers and the emergence of 3D printing as an accessible and increasingly mainstream activity, will be considered.

The session integrates slide presentation, video, group discussion, and hands-on interaction with 3D printed items, as well as access to 3D printers that will be running/manufacturing items during the class.

Lunch will NOT be provided. Feel free to bring you own lunch.

Target participants. Though anyone who is curious about 3D printing will benefit from the workshop, makers/inventors (engineers), artists, and business owners looking to understand the role 3D printing could play in their business may be particularly drawn to our course.


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