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CAD for 3D Printing

Do you want to jump right into CAD design for 3D printing and skip the technology and industry overview? If so, this workshop is for you. Spend an afternoon creating designs on your own laptop, under our tutelage and with the help of our CAD masters, who can help you navigate the software and understand special considerations for 3D printing. Whether you are brand new to CAD, or an experienced user, our CAD masters will work with you at your skill level to help you get on the path of turning your concepts into printable reality.

The workshop will open with an overview of the best CAD software for 3D Printing, and a primer on supporting software used to render original CAD designs into viable, debugged prints. A general discussion of strategy, approach, and design best practices for 3D printing will help new users avoid common mistakes, sparing users time and expense related to designs and approaches that may not work.

Participants will also gain an understanding of how to take their designs into production, even if they do not own a printer or do not own the specific printer needed to produce the envisioned design. A discussion of printing services (as well as the pros and cons of printer ownership) will take conclude this interactive session.

What to bring. Students will be asked to bring a laptop that they have pre-loaded with two free design software application that will be used during the session. Sketchup (formerly owned by Google) and Netfabb Studio Basic.


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All Fall 2014 workshops are currently closed. In the meantime, please email us to be contacted when new open enrollments are added to the calendar.

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