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From Napkin Sketch to Printable Design: An Intro to 3D Printing

Filament - For Fabricastl Blog - 350x233Are you sitting on the sidelines of the 3D printing field, just itching to get into the game?  Our workshop takes armchair enthusiasts on a hands-on journey designed to quickly and effectively inaugurate them as makers in the 3D printing world.

There are a few important things to learn (that’s where we come in)—but it’s easier than you think to dive in and start creating.  Our morning session presents a sophisticated yet digestible paradigm designed to deepen understanding of the 3D printing space, while the afternoon is spent in two separate lab-style creative sessions.  By providing students with both necessary context and technical understanding, we transform them into instant, and confident, creators.

The workshop’s promise.  Each participant will walk away with a broad-spectrum understanding of 3D printing technology, related tools and materials, and a greater sense for how they can be practically leveraged for consumer or business use.  By the end of the day, each student will have created a ready-to-print file they made themselves (whether from scratch, or by customizing an existing design).

Target participants.  Though anyone who is curious about 3D printing will benefit from the workshop, makers/inventors (engineers), artists, and business owners looking to understand the role 3D printing could play in their business may be particularly drawn to our course.

Beginners welcome.  Though familiarity with the 3D printing space is recommended, deep expertise is not required.  The course will move quickly through basic background on 3D printing, but will be presented clearly enough for absolute beginners to be able to keep up, and with enough meaty information and compelling discussion to satisfy those with greater starting familiarity.  Hands-on creative sessions will focus on fostering personal creativity as much as developing technical skills.

What to bring.  Students will be asked to bring a laptop that they have pre-loaded with two free design software application that will be used during the session.  Sketchup (formerly owned by Google) and Netfabb Studio Basic.

And since you will be with us for most of the day, lunch will be provided.


Upcoming Workshops

This early Fabricastl workshop has been reworked to better meet the needs of learners who wish to segment the industry education experience from the hands-on design experience. If you would like to learn when workshops similar to this one become available, please email us to be contacted when new open enrollments are added to the calendar.

Past Workshops

June 1st, 2013